Ants on a Log

Spring of 2014, my gastroenterologist suggested I adopt a paleo diet to alleviate my Crohn’s symptoms.  Anyone in my life knows I love to complicate things. Thus, after my exhaustive research concluded there was enough anecdotal evidence of Crohn’s relief, I became a full time (albeit amateur) chef, spending most of my waking hours either planning or executing our next meal. Obviously this wasn’t sustainable.  I have to remind myself, good food does not have to be overly complicated or even expensive.  Sometimes, you just need to get food on the table. If even a salad seems daunting, try some cut vegetables and fruit on a plate, it really is that simple. (Adding a little dip or sun butter helps to get the kids to try a new vegetable but I try to keep the condiments to a minimum.)

Ants on a log

What is your go to meal this summer?


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