Christmas in July

We arrived home late to find our first Mother Goose Time package waiting patiently for us on the front porch. The kids begged to see what treasures were contained within the school bus box. We opened it together and I was extremely thankful for the way the curriculum was packaged. The kiddos immediately began pulling out all of the bags, squealing with excitement. Fortunately, the contents are neatly labeled and I easily returned everything to the correct place once we were done. Organization is not one of my strengths, so I am fortunate a friend shared this introductory video! I found it very helpful when deciding what to do with the individual bags.

Next came the hard part…waiting! Everyday thereafter, my kids asked to start their lessons. I am the type of person who likes a defined start time. Diets start on Monday, financial goals at the beginning of a new month etc. Thus, I was going to wait until August to begin the Fables and Folklore curriculum, as directed by MGT. Nevertheless, after four days of the kids pleading for their new lessons, I relented and we began “playing school.”

The kids have thoroughly enjoyed the stories and corresponding activities. I continue to be impressed with their retention. Not only are they able to recite the key points of the lessons at the dinner table with dad, I over hear components of their lessons incorporated into their free play weeks after the initial lesson was completed. The topic Fables and Folklore is reminiscent of the Junior Greatbooks curriculum my parents selected when I was young. Although coincidental, the overlap holds sentimental value.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to educate my kids and even more blessed to have such an effective tool to accomplish our goals.

MGT Blog Ambassador


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