School is in session…for all of us!

We are relatively new on our *formal* homeschool journey and I have already amassed many valuable lessons as an educator. Once the excitement from the beautiful new posters, perfectly organized lessons, and enticing new manipulatives subsided, I am pleasantly surprised by the comprehensive content of Mother Goose Time. This program is truly adaptable to a wide variety of ages and learning styles. It requires little prep work from the parent/teacher and provides the necessary materials to complete most of the lessons. The few supplies that are not included are typical household items and listed in a convenient checklist for your review, before the month begins.

I am blessed with two incredibly smart little ones who have very different passions, goals, and means of achieving them. One is very motivated by the traditional academics and the other prefers to focus more on mastery of practical life skills. Numerous hours were spent researching curriculums, sampling free curriculums, and even purchasing two curriculums before settling on Mother Goose Times (MGT). It seemed an impossible task to find one curriculum that could address their different interests and abilities of my preschoolers until delving into the daily lessons of MGT. Lesson #1: Never lose faith. Our kids are worth the investment.

My inclination is to perform exhaustive research, accumulate a mountain of supplies/materials, and then often overwhelm in the delivery of information. I am a true nerd! I have always had an intense love of learning and I hope to foster the same lifelong love of learning within my children. This is my primary goal as my children’s first educator. I am fully equipped to provide an enriching environment but MGT helps bring organization and focus to my efforts, ultimately allowing my lessons to be more effective. MGT provides the optimal balance of child lead exploration of a topic and parental guidance to broaden the student’s knowledge. Not only is it easily adapted to all the small learners in your care, it is adaptable to the changing moods of the day. Lesson #2: Often less is more.

When I think of “preschool,” I think letters, letter sounds, scissors, colors, and shapes. Yet, early education should be so much more. In March, we started the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge. We have averaged 10 new books each week. (Thank goodness for the public library, this challenge has only cost me $3.80 in late fines!!) However, we have not been doing anything formal for several months. MGT goes beyond my preschool stereotype and incorporates all the major subjects—literature, math, sciences, art, and music. For example, one lesson encouraged my two and three year old “divide” by breaking sticks. Are they ready for long division? No, yet when the time comes, it will be a little less daunting. Lesson #3: Never underestimate your children but accept mastery is not always the objective.

I am excited to see where our new journey takes us! Feel free to follow us on the ride!

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