Sunday night I rearranged our playroom to incorporate our new classroom based on the suggestions found in the Mother Goose Time Teacher’s Guide. (A future post will explain our set up in depth!) I placed the monthly themes on the wall using poster mounts and added a days of the week display from the $1 spot at Target. The kids’ excitement coming down the stairs was equivalent to Christmas morning! I wish I had the camera ready to take their picture as the entered the playroom.

Circle 1

We opened the day’s lesson by singing “Hello Everyone” (from Music Together because the circle time CD was not included) and talking about the days of the week and the weather. We sang a ‘Days of the Week’ song (to the tune of the Addams’ family). The provided discussion questions were a great introduction to story time. During the initial reading, the kids were a bit anxious to start their lessons (aka-crafts). Nevertheless, I was surprised they were unable to summarize what they just heard. We reread the story after making the lion and mouse puppets and they were much more attentive. (After observing this, I often do a quick pinterest search for finger puppets if puppets or story pieces are not included with the lessons and have the kids lift the corresponding puppet in the air when mentioned in the story. I have also been trying to do more summaries during our regular reading times.)


Over lunch, we discussed what lions and mice eat and introduced the terms carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. These conversations lead into a discussion of food groups, the importance of each group, and the significance of a balanced diet for humans.

All the included lessons were a hit with the kids and left the kids begging for more, so after enjoying the extra monthly grab-n-go activities, I pulled out these Melissa and Doug toys. We used the puzzle to talk about habitats and review continents. We did the lacing cards as we sang the Lion and the Mouse song. Although the included lessons are enough on their own, the possible ways to extend the lessons are endless for eager learners.

MD Activities

Finally we ended the day with some spontaneous water yoga!

Water yoga (2)

I was ecstatic that the kids were able to recount the lessons, discussion questions, and day’s activities in vivid detail for Daddy over dinner.


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