Mother Goose Times Friends & Feelings

The kids were beyond excited to receive a new ‘school bus box’ (the precious packaging Mother Goose Times uses) and desperately wanted to see their new lessons. I was just as eager as they were and immediately relented. I pulled out the monthly CD to listen to as we carefully examined the contents of the box. My son was instantly drawn to the school bus counter set. My daughter discovered the stamps designated for week three and she is anxiously waiting to do that lesson. It was such a frenzy of activity it was hard to get a good picture!

The best part is how well the kits are packaged and labeled, this allows me to indulge the kids’ enthusiasm but easily reestablish organization when we are done. While I placed the lessons back in the box, the kids retrieved a drum and triangle from the music area and pretended to be in a marching band. I love how well the music component is included in the Mother Goose Time curriculum. I am not musical by nature, yet both of my kids seem to have a passion for it. The monthly CD and daily songs are easy for even the most musically illiterate person (aka—ME) to teach. I am constantly in awe by how well my children respond to both. This month is our first trial of the Dance ‘n Beats and I am confident the kids will love the added dance component.

Band practice

Despite following the suggested layout of the display board for circle time, it took a bit longer to set up than I anticipated. (Last month, everything went on the wall with poster mounts in minutes!) The always helpful ladies on the Mother Goose Time Facebook page, informed me I could find the light blue board (shown in the manual) at Hobby Lobby and my ever so sweet husband picked one up for me on the way home from work. The result was well worth the effort! Not only is it adorable, it serves an unexpected purpose—a visual signal indicating time for “school.” The Getting Started guide suggested hiding Mother Goose and it has brought a lot of excitement to circle time each day!

MGT Circle Board

MGT Circle Board Back

(The Friendly Bees’ display is on the other panel and I am looking forward to seeing how the character development lessons benefit the kids.)

Receiving the new box of materials breathed new life into the kids’ enthusiasm for the lessons, just when it was starting to wan. Emotions have been running high the past month as we adjust to our new schedules and I think the topic, Friends and Feelings, could not be more timely!

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