Mother Goose Time lessons in action

I have mentioned before how surprised I am almost daily by the tidbits the kids retain throughout the day and share around the dinner table. However, I am even more pleased to see the Mother Goose Time lessons playing out in the kids’ daily life.

August’s theme was Aesop’s Fables and one of the many covered was the story The Boys and the Frogs. The moral is ‘always stop to think whether your fun might be the cause of another’s unhappiness.’ A difficult lesson for typical egotistical two and three year olds.

Earlier in the week, we were riding in the car and listening to this particular story on the monthly CD. My son was banging two trains together, experimenting making different rhythms. My daughter asked him to stop because she couldn’t hear the story. He stopped immediately and even apologized. This entire exchange occurred without any intervention or prompting from me. It is only one example of many demonstrating the kids are not only retaining the knowledge presented in Mother Goose Time lessons but they are also applying it–even a month after the initial lesson.


September’s theme is Friends and Feelings.  As the month has progressed, I have observed the children becoming more and more aware of others’ feelings and rushing to help others. Being less than a year apart, they have always been close but I am catching even more small acts of kindness between the two.  Every time one child rushes to the aid of the other or compliments a stranger simply because they want to make them smile, my heart overflows!


These interpersonal and life skills, especially conflict resolution, are difficult to teach and yet critical for one’s success. Mother Goose Time manages to accomplish this in a fun and appropriate manner that is helpful to moms and educators alike.  The day to day minutia of educating (and parenting!!) children can be overwhelming at times but these glimpses of lessons absorbed are rewarding and energizing!

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