More, Please!

After completing the Mother Goose Time daily lesson plans, I know without fail my kids will ask for more. It is a welcome conundrum. Mother Goose Time is a complete preschool curriculum on its own and I don’t want to over do the theme, leading to a loss of enthusiasm. There is merit to the whole ‘quit while it is still fun’ adage. I also want to avoid over scheduling or excessive parent lead activities which can lead to serious consequences. Not to mention, my favorite component of Mother Goose Time is how the prep work is essential done for me, saving me valuable time!

Fortunately, Mother Goose Time offers a great solution with the “add ons” More Math and More Literacy. They are theme based work books that further expand a child’s skills. I believe kids are either wired to love or hate workbooks, both of mine fall into the love category. There is an obvious change in concentration and intensity from my son as he completes the work book activities versus the standard daily lessons. Without a doubt he fails to realize how much he is learning from the daily lessons, he views them as simply fun arts and crafts or games to enjoy with his mom and sister (which is the highest honor any program could hope to attain!!).


The first month, I only ordered the work books for my son and my daughter was devastated. It was such a disappointment to her, I ended up reserving the work books for when my son woke up from nap before she did! Last month neither received a work book and it was missed.  This month each were ecstatic to have their own. I have to modify the activities a bit for her, such as simply tracing some of the more complicated cutting patterns or filling in the blank space for children to begin handwriting practice and allow her to trace my work.  Nevertheless, she approaches the books with similar regard as my son and takes great pride in finishing each page.


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