Spreading the Mother Goose Time Love Across the Globe

With a family of two kids, two dogs, and two adults, I am constantly fighting the battle of clutter. Everything seems to get together and multiply nightly, especially toys and clothes. However, our school supplies are no exception. Mother Goose Time sends high quality games, books, posters every month with our lessons. I was scratching my head trying to keep everything organized. Three months into our journey and it hit me! I don’t need to keep everything.

My kids are content playing with the materials for the month and then they are so blessed to receive an entire new box of educational entertainment the following month. Although the manipulatives and Bible verse posters are part of our permanent collection, I was left with a stack of paper items to pass on. Flipping through the mail one day, it dawned on me, our children we sponsor through Compassion International could benefit.


Compassion International is a Christian based child sponsorship program “dedicated to the long term development of children living in poverty around the world.” My children each picked a child to sponsor. The website has a search engine to allow potential sponsors to find a match based on several parameters. For more information, visit http://www.compassion.com.  We elected to pick children with the same birthdates as my children’s birthdays. We write them letters throughout the year and try to send them a few “gifts” as well. However, the ‘acceptable gift’ list is rather short.

Fortunately, most of the items from Mother Goose Time fit the limitations of Compassion! Now two problems were solved! I had a great supply of gifts to send our sponsored children and I didn’t feel guilty about clearing away what we were no longer using! Although neither children speak English, I am confident they will find a way to repurpose and find enjoyment in the items!

Now to find a solution for the rest of the household…

MGT Blog Ambassador


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