In the Orchard with Mother Goose Time, a month in review

I am surprised to find October’s Mother Goose Time theme, In the Orchard, has been my favorite thus far. We are three months into using Mother Goose Time and have yet to be disappointed. August’s Fables and Folklore was enjoyable and effective but a little intense as an introduction to formal lessons for a 2 and 3 year old. September focused on Friends and Feelings. I loved the lessons but feelings and emotions are topics we have visited multiple times in the past. I will continue to search out means to demonstrate strong friendships and model appropriate management of emotions, as I believe these are critical life skills.


In general, orchards have never been of particular interest to me, although I do enjoy the fruits they produce immensely.  Thus, it was not a topic I had explored with my children before. I think the novelty held a lot of the appeal but there was still enough familiarity that provided context for the children, who were unfamiliar with even the term orchard.


As a trained scientist, it shocking that I have only focused on introducing the kids to the animal world–ignoring the science right in front of us. I love how Mother Goose Time broke down the science of the food we eat, plant parts and purposes, birds and their habitats, the senses (including taste buds!) and more on a preschool level. I truly believe the children have a better respect and appreciation for their environment and the food they eat after completing this month’s lessons.


The Mother Goose Time add-on Christian Experience focused on the message ‘God is good.’ The memory verse Matthew 12:33 “A tree is known by its fruit. If a tree is good, its fruit will be good. If a tree is bad, its fruit will be bad” echoed the month’s theme. I love how it also integrated seamlessly with the children’s theme at Bible Study Fellowship, that God made the earth and everything in it.


Mother Goose Time could not make it easier for working mothers to still accomplish their dreams of homeschooling their children. Virtually everything is included in the box, only common household items are needed occasionally. There is a very helpful sheet that lists any additional supplies for the entire month, so you are not scrambling the night before. In fact, the only prep work needed the night before is a quick review that I am able to accomplish while my kids work on their current lessons. The absolutely BEST past is there is no cajoling necessary! The kids love doing their lessons and usually ask for them before I even have a chance to get my purse from the car. However, if they (or you) are having an off day and lessons don’t get done, you can easily skip a lesson or catch up on the weekend.

I feel so fortunate to be on this journey. Looking back over the pictures from each month provides a reminder of how much my children have learned in such a short time. My only regret is not starting this program sooner! Don’t hesitate! Order yours today!

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