Sharing Good Fruit (and Candy)–Mother Goose Time meets Operation Gratitude

We ended the month with a lesson from the Mother Goose Time Christian Experience add on about ‘sharing good fruit.’ The children learned God gives us the Fruit of the Spirit so that we can give them to others; by giving away good fruit, it helps others know God; and by giving love, we end up with more love in our heart! It was a beautiful and touching conclusion to the God is Good theme.


The included game served as a wonderful visual of the messages being taught. There were rectangles for the kids to cut out and on each rectangle was a picture of different ways one might could show compassion to someone else. It actually provided great discussion on sending cards, tithing and financial gifts, sharing God’s word with others, inviting friends to church, and more. We reminisced about taking flowers to an elderly neighbor just to brighten her day, baking and delivering doggie treats to dog owners, and other ways we had demonstrated God’s love in the past.

FullSizeRender (12)

The object of the game was to lay one of each card around the room. Then the child was to take the remaining cards and match the cards, leaving the cards in place. We played the game four times before the children understood to leave the cards in place and not simply collect as many as possible!


At the end, the teacher was instructed to explain God wants us to give without hesitation and with a happy heart. Fortunately, I think most kids are more generous than adults when given a chance and we immediately brainstormed ways we could show God’s love. We decided to paint get well cards for a family member who recently had a heart transplant and find a way to share our Halloween candy. A quick internet search lead us to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude collects Halloween candy (and dental supplies) to send care packages to troops overseas.


I gave the kids each a container with their name on it and allowed them to choose 5 pieces of candy to keep. Then we decorated a box to mail the rest to Operation Gratitude. While they worked, I did my best to explain to them what soldiers were and why they were away from their families. Community service is a priority in our family and I love how Mother Goose Time was able to convey its importance to my children.


If you are interested in donating candy to Operation Gratitude, it needs to be mailed before November 15th. Please follow their guidelines at

To order Mother Goose Time’s preschool curriculum, visit

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