Exploring the neighborhood with Mother Goose Time

Kinesthetic teaching is growing in popularity. Educators are seeing tangible benefits to the use of creative movement in the classroom to engage the children in the curriculum. Adding movement to any curriculum allows students an opportunity to truly experience the lessons and “make deeper emotional, interpersonal, and kinesthetic connections to academic subjects.” John Ratey, a professor at Harvard Medical School, states kinesthetic learning “puts the brain of the learners in the optimal position for them to learn.”


Mother Goose Time does an excellent job of integrating large motor movement into the curriculum. This week alone, we participated in a traffic jam game where the kids pretended to be cars, acted out emergency plans, went on adventure walks, and even washed a car!


Mother Goose Time’s suggestions for the ‘adventure walks’ are my favorite. Before kids, most of my free time was spent training for half or full marathons. (Unfortunately, I have yet to complete more than a 10k after kids.) However, I love to see my kids enjoying being outside and its an added bonus for this mama if some miles are covered in the process. Talking our lessons on the road, also makes the kids more aware of their surroundings and appreciative of the world as a whole.

FullSizeRender (14)

This week on our two adventure walks we looked at the letters and shapes of signs. I focused on the road signs, explaining the names of the streets, the importance of addresses, sign shapes and the benefits of uniformity, and more. However, this was only the beginning. While I was looking toward the end of the street for the main signs, my kids quickly pointed out all the signs along the way. There were security signs, a roofer’s advertisement, pesticide application warning, decorative fall or team signs. This led into so many discussions that would never have occurred if we didn’t leave the house. Not only did we get in some much needed exercise, we accomplished the intended lesson, covered more topics and most importantly, had fun!

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