Lessons that stick, problem solving with Mother Goose Time

Perseverance is not an innate virtue for my son. When the tough gets going, he wants to quit. I typically encourage him through the task but occasionally I have a hard time knowing when to let him simply retreat. Academically, he is very advanced and learning truly is his passion. However, the ease at which he grasps most things can become a crutch.

Earlier in the week, he was just having an off day. The whole family was excited about the Transportation theme from Mother Goose Time and I thought the lessons would cheer him up. The first step of the lesson was assembling traffic signs. Although he was able to put them together, he was having a hard time getting them to stay standing up. This caused such anguish, I suggested we shelve the lessons for another day. To my surprise, he insisted we keep going. Through the tears, he cut strips of paper for roads. More tears ensued when he couldn’t get the paper roads to match up to his liking.


However, when it came time to glue the roads to the other paper. It still had the same calming affect that I observed during the Friends and Feeling lessons. He quietly glued his roads down in one large mass and then asked if he could use more glue. Hesistantly, I said yes. My hesitation was quickly replaced with nothing short of amazement. He proceeded to make a small puddle of glue. Then he took one of his signs apart and carefully dipped the end of the straw into the glue and then replaced the foam ring. It quickly dried and his sign no longer fell over. Not only did he persevere to complete the lesson, he problem solved! I could not have been more proud!


It also made me wonder what other hesitations I have that may be preventing him from personal growth. Definitely food for thought but right now I am still rejoicing over this little victory!


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