All About Bikes with Mother Goose Time

There is so much to love this month about the Mother Goose Time’s theme On the Go but as I mentioned in my last post, I love the way it incorporates exercise with learning. This week we learned about our bikes!

We have both a balance bike and a tricycle and we spent some time investigating how they were different and the same. We counted wheels, pedals, spokes, objects on their bells, rocks in the storage compartment of the tricycle. We talked about the prefix “tri” and “bi” and how words can give us clues about what they mean. I also tried to explain how the balance bike and tricycle helped develop different skills (such as core strength and leg muscles) but I’m not sure they fully understood. If you have never heard of a balance bike, I strongly suggest you do some research. They are a great beginner bike for a 3 year old and makes transition to a regular bike seamless, with no need for training wheels!


Then it was time to discuss helmet safety. We have required the kids to wear a helmet from day 1. We wanted to establish the habit long before it was a necessary piece of safety gear. However, we often see people without them which leads to questions about why they have to wear a helmet. One of the Mother Goose Time activities truly allowed the kids to understand the purpose of the helmet more than us simply saying “it protects your head.” We placed an egg under the helmet and then dropped things like sticks and rocks on top of the helmet. Obviously the kids found great delight in the experiment, even though I was not feeling adventurous enough to allow them to drop a rock directly on the egg!

FullSizeRender (15)

Next, we experimented with the bikes on different surfaces. We used them on concrete, grass, and hardened mud. Excitement about the different surfaces was quickly replaced with frustration and we returned to the concrete fairly quickly.

Finally, we headed out on a 2 mile bike ride!

When we returned, the kids were too tired to try the included Bike Bingo game but we will have to revisit it another day.

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