Mother Goose Time in the Great Outdoors

It has been a rainy fall and the excitement of dancing in the rain eroded several weeks ago. Fortunately, the clouds finally parted and we saw some sunshine this week! Although the temperature has fluctuated wildly, we still wanted to spend every moment outside. Fortunately, the Mother Goose Time curriculum, makes it easy to transition to any classroom–even the great outdoors.


Being outside, breathed new life into our lessons. The kids were beyond excited when an airplane flew overhead, as they were playing with their airplane manipulatives. Different color chalk created new roads, train tracks, and walking paths. After they finished drawing, they wanted me to draw houses and an auto mechanic shop. I tried to show them how to draw the easy structures with squares, rectangles, and triangles. They drew people next to the houses and enjoyed quite a bit of imaginative play. During their free play, I observed them creating patterns, grouping by color or mode of transportation, and more.

IMG_2474 IMG_2472

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