Mother Goose Time Surprises

We are in our fourth month with Mother Goose Time and each month there are some additional ‘unadvertised’ goodies. This month’s package included a nicely bound book called “A Ride for Duck.”


I have to admit, I can find value in almost any book. My son is like me and has obsessed over books since he was 5 or 6 months old. However, my daughter isn’t quite the same bookworm. One could say, she has more discerning taste. Therefore, I especially love any book that captivates her, and this one certainly did.


It is a simple but adorable story about a duck out of luck. The illustrations use pictures of actual animals (which I always appreciate), yet still retain a whimsical element. The book is formatted to allow the child to predict the rhyme as the story progresses. I believe it was this interactive component that truly won her over. I continuously find her hidden away, “reading” the story to a doll or stuffed animal.


She is not quite as verbal as her brother, so I cherish eavesdropping on her reading sessions!


I am thankful for this unanticipated surprise from November’s Mother Goose Time’s curriculum and look forward to what surprises are in store for the coming months!

MGT Blog Ambassador


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