Mother Goose Time’s Scented Dough

Since my horrific experience attempting to make side walk paint, I solemnly vowed never to make what I could reasonably purchase at any box store. It was such a traumatizing event, I have kept my vow for almost 6 months! However, part of the Mother Goose Time’s Thanksgiving celebration kit included a recipe for scented dough. It appeared easy and conveniently all three ingredients were in my pantry–pumpkin puree, cornstarch, and pumpkin pie spice. Mother Goose Time has never led me astray before, so I was hesitant but brave.


Thanksgiving morning, I gave the kids wooden spoons, a bowl, and the ingredients and let them do the work. The experience was priceless. The smiles on their faces were only lost for brief moments of intense concentration as they crafted different shapes, felt the different textures, and crafted stories around their creations.


The next day, I gave them the scented dough again with extra bowls of water and corn starch. We were able to play with the consistency until we found the right mix for little hands. My intent was talk about the different properties but my dialogue was clearly distracting, so I ditch the rehearsed science lesson and grabbed a handful of dough for me.

While I played, I was serenaded by my son singing a song about Johnny using different hammers, which I had never heard before, and occasional giggle outbursts from my daughter.

It was completely worth the mess!

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