Mother Goose Time Teaches Rhythm Patterns

As the months tick by (at an alarming speed!), I am truly appreciating the benefits of having a premade, well researched, designed, and executed curriculum for more than just its convenience factor. I am becoming more and more aware of my own limitations–my learning style, preconceived notions, and interests hinder my ability to create a fully comprehensive preschool program. Simply put, you don’t know what you don’t know!

For example, late last spring, I was determined to hone my children’s pattern recognition skills. I tried multiple approaches: Legos, building blocks, art projects, food, etc. Much to my frustration, every attempt was met with little enthusiasm, if not downright disdain.


However, one of the first lessons in this month’s Mother Goose Time’s Sights and Sounds of Winter box is Rhythm Patterns. The children cut out rhythm pattern cards that depicted a foot (for stomping), drum, or hand (for clapping) on the front. Four cards were chosen and we practiced following the pattern together. They repeated the patterns over and over again! The kids loved alternating between fast and slow, quietly and loudly. Mixing up the cards allowed for an infinite array of patterns from easy AB type pattern to more complex, only limited by the number of cards on the floor.


Then my daughter decided to lay out all the cards and spent considerable time arranging them to create a song! Although the basic premise was rhythm patterns, so many lessons were learned all under the guise of noisy fun!

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