Family Fun with Mother Goose Time Games

The Mother Goose Time curriculum is choked full of games. Each month’s curriculum includes a wide variety from traditional preschool games to unique twists on favorite classics and others are complete originals. Unlike most of the board games we have tried in the past, they are simple enough to adapt to the youngest players. Nevertheless, there are additional suggestions included for extension activities or ways to make the game more challenging for older children.


The Microsoft Educator Network outlines specific benefits of using game based learning:

  • Getting children’s attention and engaging the children
  • Promoting a positive learning experience or association
  • Increased memory of concepts or facts
  • Reinforce knowledge
  • Understand consequences

Game based learning ultimately “turns information into meaningful content”–always the end goal of any educator or parent. However, I also see the games expanding their social skills. Waiting for turns, accepting wins and losses, listening and following rules are hard skills to master, yet so vital to leading a successful life.


Furthermore, our repeated use of the Mother Goose Time games are starting new family traditions that will be woven into our kids’ fondest childhood memories.

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