Following the Light with Mother Goose Time

In December, Mother Goose Time’s Experience God focused on the Christmas story, telling of Jesus’ birth. One of the activities we enjoyed immensely is called Follow the Light. We set up an obstacle course and discussed how the shepherds might of felt as they followed the star. As we went through the obstacle course, we explored different emotions–excited, nervous, scared, tired, and surprised. Paring the emotions with the physical challenges was a great way to delve into important concepts without getting too intense.
We routinely set up obstacle courses when we can’t play outside, so I loved the simple diagram in the devotional book. It provided three great obstacles to include on our course!
Some of the more difficult obstacles allowed us to discuss how it isn’t always easy to follow God but God is always with us and will show us the way. Although there have been few challenges in their life thus far, this is a critical lesson that will serve them well through the inevitable hardships life will bring. I don’t want them to buy into the misperception that accepting Jesus means life will take a straight and narrow path. Call me pessimistic but I think tough times are head and I hope they can find peace and strength through their relationship with God.
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