Post Office Field Trip with Mother Goose Time

One of our daily lessons with Mother Goose Time was entitled Winter Days. It was a little hard to get into the season when it was a warm and humid 75 degrees for most of December. However, the cold has finally appeared and we are experiencing one of our first truly cold winter days.

Included in the lesson plan was a winter themed postcard. It was suggested we discuss sounds one may hear on a winter day and go on a walk to listen for sounds. The kids were encouraged to draw a winter sight or sound. Unfortunately, this mama did not feel like bundling up the little tikes for a hike and I modified the activity a bit.


After decorating the front, we discussed the importance of ‘thank you notes.’ I had been meaning to help the kids send them and this was the perfect introduction. The kids each picked people to send a thank you note to and dictated a message for me to write. We had extra postcards from a recent visit to Chick-fil-A that we also decorated.


I used the opportunity to further review the importance of addresses and drill them on our address, last name, and their parents’ names. We examined our map for the different cities each recipients resided.

When I attempted to explain how stamps work, my son was excited to use his stamp kit he received for Christmas! He was quite disappointed when I said they were not the same type of stamps. Fortunately, I remembered we had a very descriptive Elmo book about The Post Office. After a little searching, we were able to find and read it. It did an excellent job describing the postal system on a preschool level.

Due to the holidays, we had to wait a couple days for our field trip.

FullSizeRender (19)

Today, we visited the post office! Unfortunately, so was everyone else. We counted 18 people in front of us when we walked in the door. Luckily, the line moved fairly quickly. The children were able to purchase their stamps, place them on the post cards and mail them. Lastly, we counted the change and reviewed their receipts. They each saved one post card to place in our mailbox for the mail lady.


The post card was only a small fraction of the lesson plan contained in the Teacher Guide, yet a multitude of teaching moments were brought together in a single fun activity!


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