Mother Goose Time’s Math Manipulates Open a World of Creativity

Mother Goose Time’s curriculum provides new math manipulatives each month. Mathematical manipulatives are objects that are used to help make abstract mathematical concepts concrete by allowing students to construct and manipulate tangible materials. The daily lessons incorporate them to help children count, sort, and problem solve.
Because these are integral parts of the curriculum, I previously stored them in tall cabinets for safe keeping. However, in recent attempts to organize more efficiently, they were placed where the kids can reach them. To my amazement, they often choose these over their other toys. I encourage the kids to entertain themselves with these while I attempt meal prep. I love to over hear their imaginations at work!

They have pretended to build towers, craft sandwiches, make soccer teams, go fishing, create intricate patterns, string necklaces, and so much more.

Shockingly, my kids have never been huge fans of regular toys but the manipulatives provide the building blocks for endless creative play.


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