What lions did you face today?

January’s Experience God with Mother Goose Time focuses on the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den. The second week of activities focuses on the message God is in me. The three primary objectives for this week are:

  • God is with us in all situations
  • In good or bad situations, we should trust Him and give thanks.
  • In good or bad situations, we should act in ways that bring God glory.

To start the week off, we colored a picture of Daniel and then did an activity called ‘Lion Love.’ The children each cut out six lion heads and glued them to popsicle sticks. During the week, each time a child is having a difficult time, a lion will be placed in a jar on the kitchen table. At mealtimes, we will talk about the lions and pray that God gives us strength to trust Him and love others when faced with these lions.


This is such a simple activity but I am optimistic it will foster communication about emotions or events that can be difficult to openly discuss. I am planning to replace the generic “How was your day?” with “What lions did you face today?” Hopefully, this will invite them to share the difficulties of the day for the times we spend apart.


Mother Goose Time should have included a few extra worksheets to remind this mama to turn to God each time she faces a lion or two!


Side note: I am proud to report, my son was not intimidated by task of cutting out the circles! He eagerly undertook the activity and the end result turned out great! This is a huge milestone for my son!

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