Mother Goose Time’s Literacy Foundation

Pre-reading and literacy lessons are woven through virtually every activity in the Mother Goose Time’s comprehensive curriculum. The children are having so much fun with the lessons, they absorb the content effortlessly. For educators and students who prefer more formal study, the Mother Goose Time More Literacy work book is an optional add-on to the general curriculum. Although the work books are designed to align with Common Core standards for children who plan on transitioning to public school, I have yet to find any confusion that is often associated with common core. Quite the contrary, it is taking the basic skills my children already possess, refining them, and slowly leading into higher learning. My son learned his numbers, letters, and sounds very early. I have tried numerous times to jump into what I naively perceived as the next step and it was met by frustration. Fortunately, Mother Goose Time is gently stretching and expanding his knowledge which will allow for a seamless transition to kindergarten and beyond.


In my experience, kids either love or loathe work books. My children both love work books, especially the More Literacy and More Math books. I literally have to pace how many pages they complete or they would finish them upon arrival! Although there are variations each month to keep it fresh, there is just enough repetition to allow the educator to see the progress month by month.


Here he is matching the letter tiles, that he cut, to the words printed on the pages. As he looked for the appropriate tile, he practiced the letter sound. It was a great hand on activity that shows how individual letters (and their sounds) come together to form words. Afterwards, we randomly arranged the letter tiles and sounded out our ‘word’ creations!

If your little one has a solid mastery of letters and their sounds but not quite reading, you will be amazed by how much these work books will benefit your student. Order today at!

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