Importance of Mother Goose Time’s Memory Games

Virtually every month, Mother Goose Time provides a type of memory game. It may be the traditional memory matching game with cards that correspond to the monthly theme or an innovative new spin on the classic.

Even though I enjoyed Memory as a youngster, I still find myself surprised how my children never seem to tire of it. I think it speaks  volumes of how Mother Goose Time presents it.

We all vaguely understand the concept of the brain as a muscle that needs to be exercised but what do memory games really do for our children (and even us)?

According to, memory games enhance one’s cognitive skills by

  • Improving concentration
  • Increasing focus
  • Increase short term memory
  • Develop visual memory
  •  Think faster
  • Possibly prevent memory related illness

All areas I would love to see grow in my children!

This month’s safari cards that depict actual animals. They make me happy! Don’t get me wrong, I like cutesy and whimsical as much as the next girl. However, I firmly believe there needs to be a balance. Kids need to see the realities of the world they inhabit and since there are limited animals in our backyard, we need to supplement!

There were several different memory games introduced this month. However, my children have gravitated to one and play it over and over again.One of each of the animal cards are placed around the room and the children draw from the remaining cards. Then they run as fast as possible to one of the cards distributed throughout the room and see if it matches their card. (Sometimes we modify it and have the kids crawl or hop back and forth.) It is repeated over and over again until all the matches have been found. I am also a fan not only because it adds a physical component while growing their brain but they can do it fairly independently! Always a winning combination!

Once again, Mother Goose Time excels at developing the whole child mind, body, and spirit. Help you child grow by starting Mother Goose Time as part of your daily routine by ordering at!

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