Pattern Play with Mother Goose Time

Patterns can be found everywhere–thoughts, speech, environments, routines, and behaviors. The ability to recognize and predict patterns, is so much more than a simple premath skill. It influences one’s complete social development and later success. It is the very foundation for critical thinking. Research continues to show pattern recognition is a cognitive skill thought to have the highest correlation with overall intelligence.


Mother Goose Time weaves patterns throughout its curriculum utilizing colorful and durable manipulates, song and music, and often subtly in the daily activities. Six months into the program and my once oblivious children are captivated by patterns. Their excitement goes beyond the lessons and extend to every part of their day–recognizing a pattern in articles of clothing, snacks, leaves, parked cars, grocery shelves–everywhere!


In this picture, my daughter was creating snowflakes from the shape beads provided in January’s lessons. As she worked, she was talking about material we covered in Mother Goose Time’s Sights and Sounds of Winter, about a month before this picture was taken. These moments of reassurance that they are absorbing the lessons are so rewarding as an educator and mom!

If you are looking for a curriculum that goes beyond traditional academics and fosters comprehensive child development, order Mother Goose Time!

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