Mother Goose Time’s All About That Grass

Who knew grass could be so fascinating? Mother Goose Time does!! We spent an entire day on grass and my heart was overjoyed by watching my kids.

My son’s favorite activity was ‘Spots in the Grass.’ After he cut out the ladybug and giraffe cards, he wanted to jump immediately into the activity. The ladybugs and giraffes had different number of spots and the object was to locate the cards with the same number of spots. At first, he was intimidated by the two piles. However, he quickly decided to create one column in numerical order and then match the other cards to the corresponding number. The teacher’s guide had provided a similar suggestion but since he had ‘taken over’ the activity, I wanted to see how he would work through it. I love seeing his problem solving skills in action!

Our next activity was entitled ‘Grass Crown.’ The included green construction paper to fabricate the crowns were mutilated by my daughter, as my son cut the cards out for the spots activity. Fortunately, we had additional green paper which was promptly cut for grass and decorated with small bug stickers. Not only are kids crazy about stickers, peeling and sticking stickers utilizes fine motor skills, especially the pincher grasp. They did not want to actually make their craft into a crown and simply choose to fringe the entire border into grass. The amount of concentration this activity produced was palpable!

The ‘Grass Investigation’ activity led us into the great outdoors. The weather is back beautiful and we took magnifying glasses and tweezers outside to explore nature. We compared and contrasted parts of trees to grass. Identifying weeds and comparing the lengths of grass was less appealing than hunting for insects! Fortunately, we were not disappointed and found lady bugs, roly polys, ants, and more.

A huge thank you to Mother Goose Time for taking something so mundane and turning into a day of excitement and discovery!

MGT Blog Ambassador



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