Food and Fitness with Mother Goose Time

February is off to a great start in our household and I am always excited to incorporate Mother Goose Time’s curriculum into our busy schedules! Mother Goose Time never disappoints and provides wonderful, engaging age appropriate activities to convey the importance of food and activity. The timing could not be more perfect. We recently started organized sports and we have been funneling the kids’ excitement into discussions on what it means to be an ‘athlete.’ The children are three, so we are using the term athlete very loosely, more as a substitute for the term healthy.

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Frankly, I never imagined myself voluntarily enrolling my three year olds in organized sports. However, the kids have older cousins and friends who participate and have been interested for some time. My daughter is very passionate about gymnastics and it is difficult to convince her to wear anything other than a leotard! She is constantly flipping over everything and wants nothing more than to hang on the monkey bars at the playground. My son’s interest in basketball has waxed and waned but overall its been a positive experience. As the basketball season comes to a close, we are transitioning to tae kwon do. I am also cautious about adding more to our schedules but so far, the payoff seems worth the sacrifice.

Our changing schedules makes it imperative to establish consistent daily routines. We really got off track in December and it took us most of January to get back to normal! Fortunately, the kids’ abilities are improving daily and they are taking the initiative to dress themselves and buckle their seat belts, which helps tremendously!


With the influx of Christmas presents, house guests, travel, and parties, our living space had also gotten out of control. I spent most of January decluttering. Despite numerous hours of effort, I haven’t quite completed the playroom. Unused toys have been donated but appropriate organization of what remains somewhat elusive! My goal is to make art supplies more accessible for the children and make clear homes for each of their items.

Fortunately, Mother Goose Time has aided the process. To save on funds, I repurposed our Mother Goose Time curriculum boxes to hold our paints, computers, play doh and assorted gear! They fit perfectly on our shelves. The curriculum itself provides inspiration as well. Each month’s Mother Goose Time teacher guide provides advice on establishing Investigation Stations to keep the students’ learning environments fresh and exciting. The stations provide opportunity for children to explore dramatic play, nature, technology, writing, literacy, manipulatives, sensory, math, blocks, and art. It has been a couple of months since I consistently implemented their suggestions but I am recommitted after reading over the activities!

Feel free to follow our journey to keep our ‘athletes’ healthy and engaged!

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