Mother – Son Date

Our local Chick-fil-A was hosting a Father – Daughter date night. I could not find an equivalent mother – son activity, so I asked my son what he wanted to do for a special evening. He mapped out the entire evening. To my surprise (and delight), it started and ended with Mother Goose Time! I cannot think of a better endorsement for any curriculum or learning activity.


He started the evening by completing about half of his Mother Goose Time More Literacy and More Math workbooks. The activities were randomly chosen but most involved cutting, counting, or tracing. He seemed to intentionally avoid independent printing and coloring. Although I believed he had mastered counting to 100, I quietly observed how he struggled to count when the items were random. Eventually, my rumbling stomach brought the workbook activities to an end and we went for food.


He chose an economical option of hotdogs and ice cream from Sam’s. I may need to reduce some of our money discussions because he asked multiple times if it was too expensive or on sale! I reassured him, he could chose whatever his heart desired and he still wanted Sam’s Club.

PetSmart was our next destination and apparently a popular place for a Saturday evening. We just missed the cat and dog adoptions but had fun looking at the animals in stock. We helped people choose fish and even played with a little girl’s hamster briefly. The little girl was so sweet to my son, we decided to buy her new hamster some chew toys.

We ended the evening with a dance party in the kitchen to the Mother Goose Time’s “Going on Safari” CD. My son’s favorite animal is the giraffe, so naturally the song “My Giraffe” is his favorite track. I am partial to “Elephant Stomp.” However, we absolutely love the entire CD. I was truly blown away by the diversity of the tracks. As with all of their products, it is a truly professional production.

As a mom and educator, there is no better feeling than having your son pick ‘school work’ over all the other possibilities for a Saturday together. I am a walking commercial for Mother Goose Time because how it impacts our entire family! I continue to be astounded by the program and my children’s progress. .

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