Mother Goose Time is ‘Udderly’ Fun

February’s Mother Goose Time theme is Food and Fitness and we spent an entire day focused on dairy!

We started with ‘Parts of a Cow’ art activity. This led to discussions on cow parts and a comparison to our own bodies. We discussed how people and cows both have a heart and a stomach, but a cow’s stomach has 5 chambers contrasting our one. Encouraged by other MGT bloggers, I have been allowing my kids to take more ownership of their activities. I briefly reviewed the instructions with them and then handed over the pieces for creative license. Albeit, it is not always easy for me to sit back and watch! My son experimented with making different spots on the paper plate for the cow’s back. He started with just dots, tried scribbles, and then drew irregular circles and filled them in with marker.

As he started gluing the heart and stomachs on the back of the plate, I caught myself wanting to show him the picture of the completed craft on the instructional paper. Instead, I simply asked why he chose to place them there. My three year old reminded me the heart and stomachs belong INSIDE the cow, not on his back. Of course!

There was a slight mishap with the scissors and one of the legs required surgical intervention. Thus, we discussed how their are veterinarians that focus on large animals, like cows as we taped the leg back together.


While the glue dried, we moved to the ‘Milk a Cow’ activity. While I was transitioning materials, my son entertained himself with just the water in a container. He counted the bubbles on the bottom and tried to pop them. It was a great reminder not to rush from activity to activity but really allow the children to explore the materials first.

After his interest in the water started to wane, I gave the kids a vinyl glove. They were delighted to wear it and play in the water. Lastly, I poked a hole in one of the fingers and we pretended to milk a cow. They investigated how to make the water come out at different speeds and spray it in different directions.

After drying the glove, we attached the glove to the craft cow as the udder. I encouraged the kids to build their cows a pasture and barn with their Duplos. However, it turned into a castle for Batman instead!

At lunch, we had a cheese sampler. They ate cheddar, mozzarella (which my daughter called Cinderella cheese), and pepper jack. To my surprise, they even enjoyed garlic and herb goat cheese and tomato and basil feta!  We examined the various shapes, colors, and taste of the different cheeses. Finally, we pretended to make our own cheese with construction paper, a hole puncher, and marker (for seasonings). The hole puncher was definitely difficult for them but ultimately their little hands were able to master the simple machine. The little holes were fun to count, stack, and blow across the table. We tried to use yarn to lace through the holes of our ‘cheese’ but the paper was too flimsy and they quickly abandoned it.

Mother Goose Time makes learning ‘udderly fun!’

MGT Blog Ambassador


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