Mother Goose Time Entrepreneurs

Mother Goose Time’s lesson on measure and pouring lays the foundation for the next generation of entrepreneurs!

The classic Lemonade Stand was introduced first. Included with the curriculum were cardboard lemonade stands, a business sign, play money, and plastic cups perfectly sized for my preschoolers. The included lemonade stands were fun to assemble and would have been perfect for imaginary play with 12 inch dolls. However, we opted to use our play kitchen as the lemonade stand. The play money was split between the cash register and an old wallet.

My son was adamant that a business sign MUST include hours of operation. After agreeing they were open from 4-7pm, they insisted I write the numbers on the sign. Then we took inventory of our supplies and compared it to our list of what products were necessary for our business.

We discovered a trip to the grocery store was required.  At the grocery store, we discussed the difference between limes and lemons, weighed the lemons on the scale, and debated whether it was better to buy individual or bulk lemons. The bag of lemons was the clear winner. The kids proudly purchased it and we returned home.

Next we located measuring cups and I allowed them to examine and hold the heavy Pyrex measuring cups. I explained the difference between measuring cups for dry goods versus liquids and what the individual lines represent. They loved measuring and pouring the water into different size bowls. We talked about the importance of water for our bodies and the world around us. We briefly touched on the water cycle. The teacher guide gave subtle methods for incorporating the scientific method into the experience by predicting how much water will be necessary to fill each bowl and then recording the actual amount used.

Then the lemons were halved and the kids took turns squeezing the lemons and watching the expelled juice. I was impressed with the team work and patience they demonstrated throughout this process. My son squeezed the juice from 8 lemons, definitely a work out for those hand muscles! The last lemon was sliced and we each took a piece to investigate. We looked at the seeds, tasted the pulp, and attempted to use descriptive words other than sour to describe the lemon. Finally, I modeled making the letters J, L, and G with the peel.

FullSizeRender (31)

To complete our lemonade, we measured water and poured it into a pitcher. Again, we tasted our concoction. It wasn’t quite right!

To my surprise, the kids knew it was missing sugar. They each took turns measuring the sugar and stirring it into the lemonade.We also agreed it would be best cold and placed it in the fridge. I attempted to explain how sugar in and of itself is not bad but the overconsumption can lead to bad things. Not sure how effective my side rant was but at least I tried!!

While it  was chilling, the kids decided to play lemonade stand and took turns being the business owner and customer. At some point, they decided to expand their product line and offer more than lemonade. After awhile, they took a break and set up a picnic, complete with Global Friends Memory game from a previous Mother Goose Time theme!

Finally, the lemonade was ready for consumption and they took great pride in helping pour it into everyone’s cups! The rest of the day revolved around the lemonade stand!

Our Mother Goose Time lesson incorporated business skills, practical life skills, financial literacy, dramatic play, nutrition, and even conservation, disguised as a fun day of play!

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