Jumping Around with Mother Goose Time

My son started attempting to jump at the ripe ‘ol age of 7 months. He would practice squatting up and down for twenty to thirty minutes at a time. By eighteen months, he finally lifted (ever so slightly) off the floor. He’s been a jumping machine ever since!

Earlier in the month, our Mother Goose Time lessons dedicated an entire day to jumping. It was met with enthusiasm but not quite the same joy I anticipated given my son’s life long love of jumping. Perhaps, the jumping activities were too similar to our normal play, it didn’t hold the same novelty the activities usually hold. We made frog headbands and hopped over objects of various sizes. We measured how far we could jump, which created a little sibling rivalry. Unfortunately, my daughter didn’t even want to attempt the Jumping for Words game, so my son had to play solo.

Today was a beautiful day and we abandoned our lessons for the zoo. Both kids were overjoyed to “discover” a long jump station, just like we set up during our Mother Goose Time lessons! We have been members and regular visitors at the zoo for well over a year and this was the first time they have ever noticed it.

We spent a long time at the jumping area. First, we took turns jumping as far as possible. We jumped to each one foot measurement. We timed who could jump the fastest. We experimented to see if we could jump farther with feet side by side or more of a leaping motion with one foot in front of the other. Finally, the kids jumped like frogs. Then, my son recruited a few friends to jump with which soon led to a game of ‘Spiderman saves the playground.’

I love to see the kids applying our Mother Goose Time lessons to the world around them!

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