Balancing Bears with Mother Goose Time

One of my daughter’s favorite tracks on this month’s Mother Goose Time’s CD is entitled Balancing Bears. As a budding gymnast, she understands the importance of developing balance. Thus, she was delighted to spend a day focused on Balance.

We started the day with trying to balance a book on our heads. they found it frustrating and rarely took their hands off of the books. However, they were much more amused by the activity when we started using random objects around the room–a post card, different size stuffed animals, a pillow, a ball, a shoe, and more.


Naturally, we wanted to incorporate our balance beam into our lesson and took turns walking on the balance beam. For those without a balance beam, the teacher’s guide recommends a ribbon or masking tape. We each took turns being the ‘coach’ and ‘gymnasts.’ The coach had to give directions on how to cross the balance beam. We marched, tip toed, and kicked across the beam and then dismounted a different way. The teacher’s guide encouraged the coach to give two step directions which for the most part we were successful. When the kds had exhausted their ideas, we looked at the included ‘balance trick cards’ and it gave some new ideas to play with our balance beam. However, some of the tricks I wasn’t quite ready for them to attempt on the beam and we moved to the ribbon on the floor!

Fortunately, it was a beautiful day outside and we finished our lessons in the great outdoors with a game of hop scotch! Not only was it great exercise, it was a good review of numbers for my daughter!

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