On top of the world with Mother Goose Time

After focusing an entire month on Food and Fitness with Mother Goose Time, it only seemed appropriate to wrap it up with a field trip. Throughout the month, I spent a lot of time tying the lessons to their day to day routines, health, and activities. Now I wanted to show them how taking care of themselves daily can lead to some great adventures.


Thus, we took a day trip to Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain is a large chunk of granite outside of Atlanta, best known for its Confederate memorial and summer fireworks show. Despite the dark history of Stone Mountain, most Georgians have fond memories of summer events at the park. There are several trails to choose from but we chose to take the 1.3 mile hike to the top. The kids were all smiles the entire way up. I enjoyed sharing the stories my dad used to tell about trips to Stone Mountain when he was younger and added a few of my own memories.


The kids were delighted to recognize letters and shapes carved along the way. We also investigated unique tree roots, compared sizes of sticks, and looked at the erosion on the rocks and roots. It was a difficult trail at times but atlas, we made it to the summit! The kids were proud of their accomplishment.


After enjoying the sites and a healthy snack, we headed back down. The kids were certainly tired on the descent and I encouraged them to listen to their bodies.


Healthy living is so valuable, yet, so many people struggle to make the best choices. Avoiding activity or nourishing food often causes grave consequences. I love that Mother Goose Time chose to tackle this subject. Kids receive so many mixed messages, it is refreshing to have a well researched and comprehensive plan to help them understand what healthy living means. It is another example of how Mother Goose Time’s curriculum aids educators and parents to create a solid foundation for a student’s complete success in life-mind, body, and spirit.


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