Lasso Up, Mother Goose Time

March’s curriculum for Mother Goose Time is all about discovering the desert. We spent an entire day focused on the Lasso! Before getting started, I asked the kids “what is a lasso?” The most creative guess was a type of rainbow! However, when I gave them each a long piece of twine. My son immediately began swinging it around like he was a trained ranch hand.


We started the day with a lasso prop. The kids decorated a paper plate and cut out the center portion of the plate. Before attaching the yarn as directed, the kids used the yarn to try to entrap the horse counters. Then they placed the plates on the floor and threw the counters into the center. At one point, the plates even became Frisbees. My attempts to draw them back into the intended activity were only mildly successful! They elected to wind the yarn around the plate like a wreath instead of completing the lasso project.

The Lasso Shape game was a little calmer. The children rolled a cube with shapes printed on the sides and then used twine to create the shapes. It was more difficult than it appeared and often required a group effort to construct the shapes. I was proud that they were willing to work together and nobody got frustrated. I might cut the twine into shorter pieces and try the game again. However, they enjoyed using the twine as a lasso for most of the day, so I am hesitant to cut it just yet. We used both pieces of twine to construct some larger shapes and reviewed some less common shapes, like trapezoids, parallelograms, and more.

The monthly journal was introduced today. I love seeing the progression each month. When we began Mother Goose Time in August, I would write their names in highlighter and have both kids trace it. My son can now proudly write his name on his journal and is becoming more confident in self portraits. He is much more eager to attempt illustrations throughout the journal and I have to pace him from completing it in one sitting! For my daughter, I place a few dots on the lines and she enjoys connecting the dots to form her name. I am certain she will be writing her name on her own soon.


My children look forward to the included storybook each month, even more so this month. We got a late start on this month’s prep, so the few desert books I picked up from the local library were rather dry (couldn’t resist the pun!!). The unique format added extra appeal to the nonfiction book. The first page would provide clues about a desert animal and then the next would reveal the animal with brief facts. However, there were also interactive suggestions at the end of each page that the kids adored. It had them rolling, slithering, puffing up, and crawling around! The large font even enticed my daughter to trace the letters on the clue pages.



Finally, we headed outside to play in the sand but had an impromptu playdate with some neighbors walking by!

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