Mother Goose Time Throwback

Sometimes I am simply amazed at how something from a Mother Goose Time lesson will pop up months after the initial activity. I believe it was during November’s Mother Goose Time unit on transportation, we washed a toy car with a toothbrush. It was a fun thing we did that one time but not something any of us had mentioned since. This weekend, my son asked if he could wash his toy truck with a toothbrush, squirt bottle, and soap again. I gave him his supplies and he went to work, meticulously cleaning his toy truck. Holding the toothbrush, squeezing the squirt bottle, and dispensing the soap all help develop the hand muscles necessary for writing skills. I was impressed with his concentration as he worked on his activity for close to an hour and then moved on to cleaning an inherited garden gnome. Although I can only guess at his thoughts, I can assume some of the content from those November lessons were probably swirling around in his brain as he worked!

Sometimes as an educator, it can be disappointing when children don’t receive lessons like we hope. However, little moments like this remind me looks can be deceiving and they are often learning more than they let on!

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